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We are full for the 2021 season!

Please contact Tyler and Ally to get on the waitlist for CSA 2022

Space is limited, first come first served!
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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

When you sign up you will get a notification email welcoming you to the membership with more information as the first delivery approaches. When we fill our memberships we will let you know what time we expect to deliver to your house on Thursday so you can be prepared for drop off or have a cooler ready for drop off if you are not home (please tell us delivery instructions on sign up page).

Is delivery included?

Yes, we’ve included our delivery fee with your membership payment.

Are the box sizes the same for weekly and bi-weekly?

Yes! The varieties and amounts of vegetables are the same for all of our members, only the frequency of boxes changes if you are weekly or bi-weekly.

Do you deliver to...?

Our delivery zone is limited to 15 miles from the farm so that we can deliver produce as fresh and cool as possible to your door. This area covers Sister Bay, Fish Creek, Ephraim, Egg Harbor, Carlsville, Jacksonport, Baileys Harbor. Please see questions for Sturgeon Bay, Ellison Bay and beyond below...

Can I split a share with someone?

Yes! If you want even less vegetables or want just a few vegetables each week, splitting a membership is a great option. We are not responsible for processing separate payments or divvying up your box or delivery to two houses, that will be between you and your friend.

How many items come in a box?

We will work hard to provide between 7-10 different items in your box each week totaling a value of $25-30. As the season changes, your box will change according to what is ready to harvest. Spring bags will be lighter in weight with more greens than summer and fall bags when heavier items are in season. Items are bunched in volumes you would see at a farmers market and according to how much we have available to members.

What kind of vegetables do you grow?

Spring box example: Arugula Lettuce mix Carrot Turnip Green onion Cilantro Strawberries Potato Cucumber Summer box example: Lettuce Summer cabbage Beet Sweet Pepper Fresh onion Basil Beans Summer squash Tomatoes Fall box example: Lettuce Spinach Carrot Radish Shallot Sage Raspberries Broccoli Storage onions And lots more!

Do you grow everything yourselves?

Yes! The only exception are the berries grown organically by a friend, thanks Dave!

Are you organic?

We are not certified organic but we use organic practices and reduce our inputs of pesticides and fertilizers by using insect netting (a physical barrier) and amend with high quality compost.

What kind of practices do you use?

We use no-till practices which build the organic matter in the soil. We weed with hand tools and stale seed bed techniques that use physical weed prevention vs. chemical weed prevention. In other words we are a human-scale, human-powered small farm!

When should I sign up?

The earlier the better! We are only accepting 30 full shares (up to 60 half-shares) for our first season so availability is limited. We’ll begin a wait list if our program fills early just in case we are able to add memberships this year or to be on the waitlist for next season.

What if I go on vacation?

If you go on vacation you have 3 options: either get your box delivered to a cooler outside your house where a friend can come and get it, or double up the next week, or let us donate it to a food pantry. The choice is yours! We do not give refunds for weeks you will not be home but you can feel good about sharing the love of fresh food.

Do you have anything else for sale?

Yes! We will have farm grown heirloom flower bouquets in season from July-September. All the seed is from Floret Flower Farm. We will also have a (very) limited amount of colorful eggs sold by the dozen from our adorable chicken flock. These things will be available only to our farmers market guests for 2021.

Can I come see the farm?

Yes! We will be setting up volunteer days for our members so you can come experience the farm for yourself. Help us harvest and wash vegetables for the farmers market and enjoy a vegetarian farm lunch. This is part of your membership benefits! More info will be available after sign up to coordinate your farm day. Limit to 3 members per assigned volunteer day.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we can refund you the amount of weeks left in the season if you decide fresh vegetables aren’t for you. No hard feelings, we want to serve those who want to be a part of a local food community. We’ll give your spot to someone on our waitlist!

What do I do with (eggplant, kohlrabi, bok choi...)?

As a member of our farm, each week you’ll receive a newsletter with simple recipes on produce you may not have encountered before as well as tips on how to store it for optimum freshness. It brings us a lot of joy to put together our newsletters for you all. We love that Door County is full of foodies, there is always something to learn and try. Share your recipes with all of us on our Facebook Page!

Can I just buy ____?

For those who are not ready to commit to a weekly or bi-weekly smorgasbord come visit us at the Baileys Harbor Farmers Market every Sunday (rain or shine!) from 9:00-1:00, May 16-October 17. It’s also a great opportunity to chat with us about farming, flowers and food :)

Can you deliver to my work place?

Yes! If you are going to be at work on Thursday and you work in our delivery zone this would be a great option for you to sign up if you live in Ellison Bay or Sturgeon Bay.

What if I live in Sturgeon Bay?

We do not deliver to Sturgeon Bay, sorry.

How long have you been farming?

Tyler and Ally have a combined 8 years of market gardening experience working on other peoples farms plus another 5 years in backyard vegetable gardening. Ally has experience managing a small organic vegetable farm that sold to chefs in Houston, TX. About Thyme Farm is their first farm.

What if I live in Ellison Bay or Gills Rock?

We have partnered with Kick Ash Coffee in Ellison Bay to be our segway to the Northern towns of the peninsula. Deliveries will also be on Thursdays but you'll "meet us halfway" and pick-up your box at the coffee shop. We'll drop off boxes in the morning and you'll be expected to pick up your box by the time they close at 4:00pm on Thursdays.